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10th Anniversary Quiz Thursday 17th December 2.30pm

Our next event is the ELQF 10th Anniversary Quiz which will feature a range of challenging (but not too challenging) questions to test your knowledge as well as your knowledge of contaminated land / land quality plus general knowledge.  The quiz should take around 30 minutes and there will be prizes for the winners!

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No further events / webinars planned for 2020.  Thanks to all our 2020 webinar presenters, recordings and/or slides can be found at here

    If you are interested in providing a webinar presentation in 2021 please email

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    Future Sponsorship

    ELQF try to organise 2 to 3 meetings/seminars a year.  The events are free to all and we do not charge joining or membership fees relying on the goodwill and generosity of our members to offer their time to provide interesting and relevant presentations.

    However, there are costs associated with venue hire and catering and for this reason we look to cover our costs for each event through sponsorship.  Sponsorship costs are therefore largely dependent on the venue but as a guide, the typical sponsorship costs for each meeting are about £1,500.

    If you would be interested in sponsoring a future event (either fully or partially) please contact