East Land Quality Forum


The East Land Quality Forum (ELQF) was established in March 2010 as a dedicated voluntary body offering free seminars for land quality practitioners within the East of England.

The aim of the Forum is to allow all those with a professional interest in land quality in the East of England to come together around three times a year.  The Forum will meet, present and receive interesting papers, network in an open and friendly environment and collectively support work towards continuously improving our region’s land quality. The Forum has four main aims:

  • Encouraging dialogue
  • Learning and dissemination of good practice and knowledge
  • Quality partnerships are developed
  • Future innovation promoted

There are no joining fees, no membership fees, just the generosity of members’ time that will make this Forum happen.

Please browse the pages on this website to find out about the events that have taken place (slides and presentations can be found here), those that are proposed in future, how you can join the group or take part, and who you can contact to find out more.

Thanks to our current event sponsors.